and we deliver on time.


bingostudio is a character animation and visual effects studio. We provide digital production services for films and commercials. Our services include everything from script breakdown, on-set vfx supervision, storyboarding, matte painting, 3d modeling and texturing, rigging, previz, animation, physical effects and simulations, lighting, rendering, matchmoving and compositing as well as 3d illustration.

bingostudio's work quality and strategic alliances has brought projects from leading production companies both local and international.

Since it's foundation in 2006, bingostudio has grown to become the biggest and most important animation and visual effects studio in the Dominican Republic, and since then we always deliver on time.


Our team of experienced animators, visual effects artists and young emerging talents with exceptional skills, have been constantly expanding our ability to cover the whole animation and visual effects needs of multiple major movies and commercial projects.


Jonnathan Meléndez

Started his animation career in 2000 creating 3d animation and vfx for tv commercials and opened bingostudio in 2006. Today Jonnathan is the managing director at bingostudio and with his experience in 3d animation, visual effects, on-set supervision, and script breakdown, has been the vfx supervisor and cg artist responsible for the most important projects in the dominican republic and some international relevant projects over the last decade. While Jonnathan is developing business at bingostudio he is also supervising and producing digital work on several local and international films. His latest supervisor and vfx artist credits include "Ladrones" by Joe Menéndez and "Código Paz" by Pedro Urrutia.